Sifu Maria Grothe honored by the Martial Arts Hall of Fame

Sifu Maria Grothe honored by the Martial Arts Hall of FameAt the weekend of 10/22/2010 to 10/24/2010 the 10th World Hall of Fame occurred in Valencia. The title of the International female Kung Fu Sifu in 2010 went to the Weng cHun Kung Fu Sifu Sifu Maria Grothe . Over 100 martial arts teachers from the whole world were nominated for the coveted title. In the history of Weng Chun Kung Fu Sifu Maria Grothe is the first female Kung Fu Sifu wich teach in an international section and has her own Kung Fu school. With her Youtube clips wich named Weng Chun Inspiration 1 and 2, Sifu Maria Grothe also inspired the Kung Fu community worldwide. Sifu Maria help to remain this wonderful, effective and very ancient chinese martial art, she is exerted to the international dissemination of Weng Chun Kung Fu. Therefore she was honored by the Hall of Fame. The Hall of Fame of martial arts was organized in collaboration with the world's largest martial arts magazine Budo International, ISMA World Union of Grandmasters and the Confederacion for Police and Security.
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